Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Favorite Holiday & Shifts

Dear Lovers,

Today is my favorite holiday of the whole year :)
Yes, my friends, St. Valentine's Day has and probably always will be the holiday I hold closest to my heart.

Everybody likes Christmas, but its a bit too sensational for me
Thanksgiving is cool if you're into getting stuffed, but as a veggie its just never appealed to me
Easter seems too frivolous and the Fourth of July makes it in the top five for me (#3) but not even the brightest fireworks compare to the day of love
St. Patty's Day is #2 mostly because I love the idea of celebrating the art of partying
Oh and Halloween is fun its just that it tends to reinforce all the disturbing stereotypes that I try to forget in life (sexy witches and blood-drenched ax murders just ain't my thing)

But Valentine's Day, now there's a holiday to get excited about!
I've never thought of it as a day for lovers as much as a day to celebrate love in all areas of life.  Ever since high school (when I was happily single until my senior year) I've used Valentine's Day as an excuse to relish my friends and family.  My most favorite Valentine's Days of past have not been spent with a significant other, but have been when I was completely single.  I would spend hours on hand-made Valentines trimmed with lacy paper and adorned with carefully selected stickers and pictures.  I considered each a little work of art.  Most would included a light-hearted poem about the receiver and each was sealed with a kiss.  Some would get mailed, others hand-delivered and a few secretly stashed somewhere for the receiver to find.

I loved it :)

My amazing grandfather keeps all of his on display year round and inspires to me keep up with it every year.  That is until this year.  This year has been a huge, momentous and colossally grand year of change. My perspective has shifted, elevated, fallen and been dizzily spun into a hundred lollipop circles.

Moving to France has been life changing in the exact opposite way I expected.  I thought I was moving here to discover myself, be independent and explore a new culture.  And all that has happened, but a greater shift in consciousness has also happened.  I almost resisted using the phrase "shift in consciousness" because it has been so over used in new age literature and the media that it fails to convey its true meaning. But I do feel that by diligently keeping my heart and mind open, my priorities have suddenly and seriously fallen into place.  I am intentionally being vague right now partly because most of the details are personal and partly because its not really what this post is about.

This post is about love
So share your love, feel your love, sing your love, praise your love, dance your love, sit with your love
Be your Love

And fill your heart up with gratitude in the meantime
(my gratitude is filling up my heart so fast its leaking into my lungs, spilling warmly down my body all the way down to my little pinkie toes :)

In case you want to add something sweet and chocolately AND healthy, check these recipes out:

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Enjoy :)
The Northern Lights-in my eyes one of the most romantic expressions of the universe
and something I hope to witness soon  

Happy Valentine's Day Lovebirds-



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